Welcome to The Mindologist

Anxious, Stressed, Negative Thoughts, Feeling Stuck or Uncertain About Your Future

I can help you, change your Negative Emotions, Behaviours & Beliefs so you can begin, to think and view your world from a wondrous new perspective.

Imagine asking yourself now….

  • What if I could change?
  • Who will I become?
  • How will my life change?
  • How will I feel?

Every day more and more people are leaving behind the pain of negative thought, behaviours and emotions. Filling up their new found life with wonderful experiences and new memories shared with those who matter most to them.

In a short time Mind Coaching will help you, take control and put behind you, all those experiences that hold you back so, you can move forward into your life.

Think of what you have to look forward too and start reaping the benefits and getting the peace of mind and results your heart desires today.

What People Say

‘With a natural preference for solving problems, Séamus is a hard working compassionate Coach that likes nothing better than to help you get the best out of yourself’

Brian Colbert (Co-Founder of the Irish Institute of NLP & Licensed Master Trainer of NLP)

“I really enjoyed working with Séamus. He has helped me view my world from an entirely new vantage point. He introduced me to techniques which were easy to follow and immediately effective. If you wish to make positive changes to your life I highly recommend his services.”

Jessica S.