My name is Séamus Walsh, The Mindologist.

I am a Mind Coach who specializes in mind & emotional awareness, freeing clients from the chains of anxiety & stress, fears & phobia and limiting beliefs.

I help my clients to remove the obstacles that hold them back and empower them with the belief they can change their world and their future.

I am a certified and accredited Mind Coach, an accredited member of IAMC (International Association of Mind Coaches) and a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Before, receiving my Diploma in Mind Coaching, from the Irish Institute of NLP. I was in the Construction Industry for 20 years working in Ireland, UK and EU.

My journey into Mind Coaching even do I didn’t really know it at the time started in 2014. When I began to feel like and deep down I knew I wanted to leave the Construction Industry. But at the same time I also felt stuck because at that point being an Electrician was all I knew.

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Which when I look back now and think about it that was my own limiting belief, coupling that with thought of “what am I going to do?”, “what can I do?” And the fear of beginning something new, I began to create anxiety and stress in my life. Which clouded my decision making process making me feel like I was caught in a never ending loop of “what if(s)?”.   

It wasn’t until 2016 where I had “the straw that broke the camel’s back” moment or as I called it at the time my “inconsolable Friday” that I realised I needed help. And that’s when in 2017 I began training as a Mind Coach.

Learning skills and strategies that helped me transform my thinking. How I view the world and above all taught me how to use these techniques to control my negative emotions. Gone is the anxiety and stress, which has being replaced by having back, control of my life?

I am now passionate about sharing these skills and techniques of transformation with you and my clients so that you can get to where you want to go in life in a way that brings you the success, fulfilment and happiness you deserve.

And I have a special interest in working side by side with clients from the Construction Industry. I believe my years of experience and understanding of the industry puts me in a great position to work with and help you reach your full potential.

My coaching style is based on the values of openness, honesty, respect and humour. I believe this flexibility will help you achieve your goals, big or small, more quickly and easily.

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