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23 August 2016

Morning Anton,

I am a big listener and a big fan of the show and Today FM.

I am wondering if you would put this out to your listeners during your show today.

I’m looking into a change of career and am looking for some ideas, I’m 38 yrs old and you see I have been an Electrician for almost 18 yrs and feel it is time to start something fresh. I have worked in many sectors of the electrical industry from commercial to renewable to high voltage and I no longer get that warm fuzzy feeling inside like I used too from my job.

I have spoken to friends and colleagues about this who have all suggested going back to college and getting an Engineering Degree but I would like a total change of direction in my new career path.

I love the great outdoors, some travelling and like the idea of eventually working for myself so if I could combine these few things I think it would be a great start to a new career.

So, if you could help me with this and ask the listeners for some ideas no matter how mad or crazy they may be, I would be very grateful.

Kind Regards,

Sparkless Electrician.

26 August 2016

Hey Seamus!

We read your email (anonymously!) this morning, it was around 11 so it’s well worth listening back! Below is a list of suggestions that came in via text and email…

Do let me know what you decide to do (if anything at all!) and best of luck,

Hopefully, something will strike your fancy!

Thanks again,


  •  Watersports Instructor
  • Tree Surgeon
  • Some people recommended travel
  • Dairy Farming
  • Dog Training (this listener trained with Creedons College in Cork)
  • Hi Anton, my brother was an electrician for years too. then completed a degree in nautical science in Cork. He now is a navigational officer for one of the largest oil companies in the World. It’s not for everyone as he is away at sea for months, but he loves it and an inspiration to others, I think anyway
  • Working on Super Yacht as an electrician/deckhand…
  • Greenkeeping
  • Farming Free Range Pigs
  • ‘Careers-Activity outdoors teacher.
  • Nature photographer,
  • Archaeology
  • Deep sea fishing
  • Guide tour in the Mediterranean
  • Tree House building 🙂
  • Commercial Diver
  • Hi Anton. I was a lab chemist and spent 2 years in West Africa as a volunteer sharing my skills in a most amazing cultural experience of my life. Your sparkie skills would help loads
  • There’s a great book for people who want to find a fulfilling career called ‘What colour is your parachute?’ by Richard Bolles. Very American(in a good way) but great ideas+questionnaires to point you in the right direction
  • Oil Rigs!
  • That guy could look up springboard ICT courses. You can avail of specific degrees/post grads free of charge even if you’re working. Some courses are part-time/online. It would mean less of a upheaval while changing career
  • That was ME. Electrician for years. Gave it all up to drive a truck. Happy out now. On the road, all day  and I’m my own boss


 EIMEAR SHANNON | Researcher
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13 September 2016

Hey Seamus,

Great news and thanks a mill for the update J

You’ve actually inspired us to do a listener panel with two listeners who have gotten out of their jobs and into something completely different-it’ll be on tomorrow, so listen in if you can!

Best of luck, and do please keep in touch,



 EIMEAR SHANNON | Researcher
The Anton Savage Show | 9 am-12 pm weekdays

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